Dried fruit packaging is one of the few products in the market where designers and producers can get really creative and explore different ideas. especially if you’re having various fruits in your product, colors aren’t limited and as you can in our design different variety of fonts can look great as well. When a new player as your client wants to get into such a competitive market, aside from the quality, they should pay special attention to their product packaging.

Undoubtedly, a distinctive display can have a direct effect on product sales. In order to design the packaging of Zarnagaran dried fruit, we aimed to use a structure that is less common in the market for this product, and after testing different structures and making Dielines and prototypes with distinct fonts, youth-friendly elements, and appropriate coloring, we were able to construct a packaging that can have what it takes to stand out in this field. with putting enough time and effort into making each and every element of the design simple yet conceptual. from a clear vision of the nutritional value table to all the elements of the face and the arrangement of the text on the back design.

The designed product is also printed by Zarif Graphic. our studio also takes credit for packaging photography in collaboration with Karno Studio.


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