Facile Visage is the most effective survival kit for those who simply cannot put names to faces no matter how hard they try. Directly translated as “easy face” in French, Facile Visage aims to make faces easier to remember and help you save face the next time you bump into a new acquaintance.

This kit is inspired by the tried-and-true methods of memory card games and is designed for any individual who suffers from face blindness, whether they are a college freshman at orientation or a parent who can’t tell their twins apart. It comes with Shoot Your (Snap)Shot – Polaroid Camera​, Up Your Sleeve – Customizable Card Deck, and The Last Resort – Panic 8-ball.

When the user meets someone new, they use the polaroid camera to take a snapshot of their new acquaintance, then glue the photo to one side of a card from the card deck and write helpful facts on the other side. The user can then review and quiz themselves on these cards to boost their memory. But when all else fails, they can rely on their panic 8-ball to feed them conversation questions that steer clear of any names.