Sodiko – Retro Cocktails


The world of alcoholic cocktails is quite dynamic and is constantly brimming with interesting new solutions and experiments. However, it also has its real classics, to which the consumer returns again and again. Time-tested cocktails that bring joy and pleasure to be found in bars around the world. It is these cocktails that formed the basis of the new Sodiko product line – Retro Cocktails. Continuing the trend of producing ready-to-drink cocktails from quality ingredients, the company’s new line consists of five positions, each of which is imbued with a long and interesting history. Accordingly, the packaging design for such drinks had to reflect the general spirit of retro cocktails, and emphasize the simplicity of their consumption. This is how the label design for the Retro Cocktails series from Sodiko was developed.

The packaging design for Sodiko’s new Retro Cocktails range is inspired by retro posters from the 1960s and 70s, to emphasize their classic character and the historical period in which most of these cocktails first saw the light of day. The centerpiece of each label is a stylized illustration that depicts an idyllic picture of the consumption of the corresponding cocktail, made in the spirit of movie posters and books of the time. The typography of the cocktail name at the top of the label emphasizes the visual style of the era. And the die-cut shape of the two-piece label repeating the shape of a postage stamp enhances the overall vintage image of the package. As a result, the product looks bright, stylish, and effectively communicates the character of the drink inside the bottle to the potential consumer.