Holy Studio

Praça Monsenhor Emílio Lottermann, 40 - Floresta, Porto Alegre - RS, 90560-050, Brazil

Zena is a Rosé Syrah Wine that portrays the legacy of the Zara family in Brazil. The story of Salvatore Luigi Stefano Zara, who, crossing the Atlantic after World War II from the Maritime Republic of Genoa, arrives in industrial São Paulo. His descendants put down roots in the Pampa Gaucho where they transform Italian art into wine with the fusion of the knowledge of the vibrant Mediterranean port, the contemporary metropolis and the tradition of the southern countryside. a colorful and inviting tribute to the matriarch of the family, here personified in a queen that symbolizes the victory of crossing the sea.

A label that offers light, refreshing and relaxed moments without losing elegance and quality. Anchored in a fantastical and colorful historical context, the texture and graphic style of the label seek to refer to paintings, creating the illusion that the wine is, in fact, a work of art portrayed through the ages.