Nestlé Waters – Acqua Panna

Curators of beauty, embellishing simple moments

Acqua Panna is an ambassador of fine Italian waters. 2022 marks a new era for Acqua Panna®: a purposeful existence, standing for cultivating natural and cultural beauty. FutureBrand partnered with Nestlé Waters to bring to life Acqua Panna’s brand purpose through an iconic redesign that conveys premium qualities and honours its Tuscan roots.

Acqua Panna has a storied past rooted in the Tuscan culture and land. This still lightly mineral water is an intricate part of the Italian lifestyle. It has been the ambassador of fine Italian waters, selected by chefs, and is now present on the best tables around the world. FutureBrand was awarded the opportunity to reimagine Acqua Panna®’s visual identity to become an iconic & premium water brand anchored in a purposeful brand experience.

Armed with insights into the Tuscan spirit and lifestyle and a need to bring the new brand purpose to life, there was an opportunity to develop a modern, premium, and ownable visual universe that would resonate with consumers in their daily life. The brand needed to reconnect with its cultural roots and be projected into the modern world.

After crystallising Acqua Panna®’s brand platform, we were challenged to translate it into a new design while honouring its superior quality. Our work resulted in a universe that expresses Acqua Panna®’s iconicity, elevated experience, and tributes to its Italian roots. The journey began by gathering insights from consumers and competitors to understand the main category shifts and trends. That, together with a deep immersion into the brand’s culture and Tuscan lifestyle, helped us draw a roadmap for creative exploration. Creation, and reinvention of brand assets were at the centre of our work. Acqua Panna®’s brand iconicity is now carried by a lily icon and a tailormade key visual that tells its rich origin story. The established orange is now complemented with the Firenze purple, another way to pay tribute to the region. We crafted an ownable and premium universe, articulated around 3 pillars: authentic taste, cultural & natural beauty.

“FutureBrand has been a strong strategic partner for Acqua Panna. Great strategic thinking, expertise and an endless passion nurtured the team spirit to achieve an outstanding result.” Teresa Previti – Brand Manager, Acqua Panna.