ALIA Artisanal Preserves

Dimpill Design Boutique

Beirut, Lebanon

Alia is an artisanal preserves brand established in Lebanon which encompasses a whole range of products such as jams, distilleries, dried fruits, olive oil and dairy goods. The logo of Alia consists of a modern stylized typographic composition which entails both English and Arabic variations; juxtaposed to form a contemporary emblem.

The concept of the label branding is inspired by the traditional and very authentic Lebanese tiles “Blat Chayaa” and are reflected in an innovative manner whereby every single product features a different tile pattern. Alia is the only Arabic preserve product with a unique and outstanding selling point which is this label variation; hence makes it stand out amidst the abundant similar goods in the market. Further more Alia’s produce are hand made by women in Lebanese villages and the brand empowers and aids them amidst a lingering economic crisis inorder to sustain and provide for their families.

We at Dimpill Design Boutqiue are proud to have been part of this great initiative and happy to see the brand flourish and thrilled to witness the sales of these products in different parts of the world.