Sherlock holmes: Estudio en escarlata / A. Conan Doyle / Editorial El Ateneo 🔍

Emi Renzi

A few months ago I received the proposal from the great publisher El Ateneo, to design and illustrate the first work of Arthur Conan Doyle in which the most famous detective in history appears: Sherlock Holmes. This author and character resonated in my head since I was very little, since my father, a fan of espionage, had all his books and told me the particular way Sherlock had to solve cases, this made the project even more special than it already was.

It was a complete and very satisfying design and illustration process. The fact of designing books and with such inspiring characters and stories makes the work flow and inspiration grows, the road was long and hard but it passed quickly.

Very grateful to @editorialelateneo for choosing me for this beautiful project, it was an incredible process with very professional people who love what they do like me.


Emi Renzi

Editorial El Ateneo