Sparrow Design


UPTREND is an international ceramics brand operating in 40 countries across the world. UPTREND products can be found in the markets of Europe, the Middle East and the United States. It is a respected bathroom sanitaryware brand whose portfolio includes toilet bowls, bidets and washbasins.

Sparrow Design was tasked designing the packaging of around 100 products of the brand. Our job included devising a coherent system of packaging identification reflecting the brand’s values. We designed a system that could be adapted to various formats: vertical, horizontal and square packaging. The packaging is consistent and clear across all formats and proportions. The new visual identification of UPTREND packaging was based on the white colour and shades of blue, which allude to water and the bathroom, which is inextricably linked to water. A prominent product display in the central part of the packaging, geometric shapes complemented with typography all highlight the distinctive, modern and recognisable branding.