The brand “Brazô Natural Foof”, based in Porto Alegre/Brazil, unites practicality and taste by creating food and drinks for those who are seeking for pleasure, but who do not give up on health. The company sought to increase its product portfolio and bring something new with the launch of a line of carbonated, non-alcoholic, 100% natural, healthy and plant-based teas.

The proposal was to show to the audience that beverages in this category do not need to have artificial ingredients and sugar to be delicious. Because of that, it was necessary to create labels capable of captivating consumers and provoking them to experiment, in addition to reflecting the product’s objectives and contributing to the demystification of healthy eating, in a light and educational way.

The brand already had a line of snacks that the packages were based on graphic elements such as illustrations and striking colors to create the identity of the products. Therefore, the design of the tea labels also had illustration as a central object. However, with distinct traits from the first drawings, but which also provided the friendly look present in the snacks packaging.

The characteristics of an organic design were maintained, but, this time, digitally incorporated, in order to create a clear differentiation between the teas flavors when compared to the snacks flavors, and also to bring a more simplified result, reflected in a set of smoother illustrations, such the teas are.

The illustrations act in the project in a balanced way between the aesthetic and the functional. At the same time that they draw attention by the colors and strokes, they still translate essential product information efficiently. They highlight the fruit present in each recipe in order to capture the consumer’s attention, so that it is possible to identify in this new drink a more common element in their daily lives and, then, bring them closer to the purchase. And with the idea of ​​reaffirming the plant-based preparation, the images also highlight the herbs and flowers in the recipes, making the understanding of the ingredients visually clearer and faster.

The result is a visual proposal that matches the other brand’s products, but in a proprietary way, generating an identity for the beverage family and impacting on the restructuring of habits of those who today have become Brazô teas consumers, providing relevance and visibility to the beverage with a great differential in the market.



Creative Direction: Felipe Bernardes Amaral
Design Team: Maria Laura Jeremias, Ricardo Franco
Illustration: Duba Fabris
Photography: Nathalia Blauth