The Credaro family are vignerons carefully tending five premium vineyards in the renowned Margaret River. One family with strong ties to two countries bound by a pioneering spirit and the strength of familial loyalty. The range celebrates the kinship of the two brothers that came from Italy to find a new life, and the kinship of all the fathers, mothers, sons and daughters that have worked together to build their legacy since then.

It was the SS Omar, a Barbarossa — class ocean liner, sailing from Naples, Italy to Fremantle, Australia in 1922 that reunited Cesare Credaro with his brother, Olympio. Leaving behind post war Italy, they pioneered new lives by farming the lands of south western Australia. Testament to the bond of brothers, is the subsequent four generations that have built and expanded that enterprise onwards from that notable reunion.

This range of wines was named ‘Kinship’ which enabled us to tell one of Credaro’s key origin stories.

The labels work on two levels. From a distance on a shelf the key branding is prominent, and when up close, the imagery and embossed foil detailing emerge.  The narrative was extended with nautical flags flying at cellar door and draped at point of sale.