Murcia, España

Nan Madol, an organic and unexplained vodka, tells the story of a small island in a paradisiacal enclave. The island is home to an ancient city, surrounded by vegetation and semi-submerged, of mysterious origin and full of contradictions.

Basalt stones of unknown origin permanently bathed in seawater and rain, titanium sarcophagi, and men sitting on birds are some of the picturesque details that the local’s honor as part of their narrative of the Nan Madol city and its enigmatic origins.

On its label, the bole appears semi-submerged, showing the effects of water on stone. An enigma is revealed in layers when the humidity of the ice cube trays uncovers the strange symbologies that narrate the history of Nan Madol by the hand of its inhabitants. It is a sensory project composed of papers, recycled glass, and textured glass.

The result is enigmatic, as is the distillate. This project is part of Make a Mark, which is an exclusive design innovation project developed by three global industry leaders: ESTAL, Avery Dennison and Leonhard KURZ. They have invited some of the world’s top packaging design agencies to take part in creating an inspirational platform for the wine and spirits sector over the course of three years.

MABA is a design studio based in Murcia, a Mediterranean town in Spain. Founded by Miguel Angel del Baño and Beatriz Suarez, the company focuses on consumer branding from a strategic point of view, aiming to build a lasting dialogue between consumers and brands based on trust, pleasure, and beauty. As a team of designers, the studio believes that ideas and design can give brands the voice they want. As a language, it uses beauty because it endures, is valued, deserves preservation, impacts our emotions, and is the means of maintaining a relationship with people over time. MABA works hand in hand with companies to create collective intelligence and to see brands from the perspective of their audiences to guide projects from this perspective.



Murcia, España
Creative director: Miguel Angel del Baño
Creative Team: Beatriz Suarez, Mayes Imbernón, Borja Torres