Nota, Multi-sensory Vinegar Label

Studio Sonda

Vižinada, Croatia

Considering that vinegar gives the final note to a dish, the first collection of Istrian wine vinegar was named: Nota. It comes in three flavors, leggiero, andante and forte.

To convey the strength and character of the flavors characteristic for Istrian climate, label was created with the help of the famous musician Tamara Obrovac, who dedicated her entire life to promote the Istrian tradition through jazz. Original miniatures are the result of Tamara’s tasting, and the QR code leads to the soundtrack. Thus, Nota becomes the first vinegar in the world whose taste can be felt even before tasting it, that is, it becomes a multisensory experience of enjoying an autochthonous Istrian product.


Studio Sonda

Vižinada, Croatia
Creative Director: Jelena Fiškuš
Creative Director: Sean Poropat
Designer: Aleksandar Živanov
Designer: Martina Ukić
Designer: Simon Flegar
Copywriter: Ivana Kostić
Composer: Tamara Obrovac
Account Director: Mladen Gvozden
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