Belevsky delicacies

Anna Bencic


The Belevsky Delicacies company has been producing marshmallows since 1888. Its main values ​​are the preservation of traditions in the recipe, product quality, and environmental friendliness. The company also produces jams, marshmallows, fruit crackers and fruit bars.


The task was to completely remake the old packaging and offer a new modern concept. It was necessary to offer a modern solution, because the marshmallow was planned to be sold in a large hypermarket and it was necessary to correspond to their level. It was also necessary to develop packaging for every taste, so that they graphically differ from each other.


The pastille is made by hand. Therefore, handmade illustrations and lettering were created especially for this project. I wanted to show the naturalness of the product and its manual production. The illustrations show different fruits from which marshmallow is made. The fruits on the package vary depending on the taste. A naturally rich palette of colors was taken. A new box design was also developed, since the old one was inconvenient in shape.