Casa Italia is a family-owned bakery in Denmark run by Italian Denis Terrida, his Danish wife and their children. Denis has a passion for food, and since moving to Denmark in 1976 he has imported the best of sunny Italy’s foods and ingredients to cloudy Denmark. These are foods and ingredients full of flavors that doesn’t just reach the stomach but touches the heart.

This combination of Italy and Denmark comes to life in the new design. It has the taste of Italy but fits in the minimalistic mindset of Nordic consumers. This concept needs to span multiple product categories and has distinct design elements that are easily recognizable on the shelf in stores. The colors are kept in simple and Nordic tones to create a classic expression with lots of food appeal.

In the heart of the design is the Italien landscape and hidden in the hills a little physical Casa Italia – the Italien house, which also decorates the logo. The landscape flows from one packaging to the next, binds the different categories together and transports Danish consumers to the authentic Italy. The landscape is illustrated by the skilled illustrator Niels Ditlev and helps communicate the passionate craftmanship that is part of Casa Italias brand DNA.

This way Danes can get a taste of Italy by simply going to their local grocery store.

Verliebt designstudio has developed the corporate identity and packaging concept in collaboration with creative studio PONG, who has developed the brand platform and concept.

Buon appetito