Tortugalia is a country of eternal deliciousness!

“Tortugalia” is a brand of the confectionery factory of the same name, which is part of the Chelny Khleb group of companies, located in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. In 2020, the brand celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Tortugalia is a magical country where they bake extraordinary delicious cakes. Here, every town, every province is involved in the manufacture of cakes.

The province of Almond, Orekhantina and Arachispelago supply various nuts to the Zone of Eternal Deliciousness. On the Glaze Coast they make icing for cakes. In Cocoslo, coconuts are processed into coconut flakes. Cream Peninsula is home to a variety of creams. Chocolate is mined in the province of Chocolandia (the capital is Chocoladobad). Mexico – in this province only cupcakes are baked. Sguschenostan is a place where thick and tender condensed milk is made.

A task

To create a stylish, relevant and attractive packaging design for modern consumers that would allow: “breathe new life” into the brand Tortugalia; distinguish it from competitors, make it dominant on the shelf; reveal existing positioning; effectively convey the benefits of the brand and product.

It is also necessary to update the existing brand characters Tamnishka and Gostinets, making them relevant and attractive to a modern audience.


Recently, the confectionery category has grown a lot in efficiency and visibility. Powerful federal brands have appeared, such as Baker house, Mirel, etc. Many chains have acquired their own culinary arts, have workshops for the production of cakes and produce them under their private labels. All this creates high competition and strong pressure on brands that have been on the market for a long time, but look archaic. Therefore, the Tortugalia brand needed a step forward and a change of appearance in order to meet the needs of a modern audience.

We have changed the color scheme: instead of brown and gold, turquoise and purple colors have appeared, creating a sense of celebration, joy and fairy tale in your home. To please yourself and your loved ones, to escape from routine affairs and worries, to experience small moments of joy is important in our daily life – the mission of the Tortugalia brand is to help us with this. And this very well reflects the new logo, in the form of a cake, symbolizing a magical land where a holiday and good mood reign.

The brand characters have been redrawn. The girl Tamnishka now looks stylish and modern, she is accompanied by a cheerful mischievous cat Gostinets. She has a whisk in her hand, with which she creates magic and creates sweets for a delicious tea party.

We also developed a key image that the company uses both on its own and on public transport, in order to convey to the buyer that their favorite TM now looks different.