Gurugram, Haryana, India


Baby Forest Ayurveda.
From Mother, with Love!

Ayurveda has come to be recognized as an alternative medicine practice mainly for adults. However, Ayurveda belongs to children as much as it does to grown-ups! In fact, one of the eight branches of Ayurveda is Kaumara-Bhrtya which deals with Balachikitsa (pediatric health care) that pertains to the well-being of the child and mother. Using this ancient wisdom, to handpick and fuse natural materials and elements to create nourishing Ayurvedic formulations for babies is what Baby Forest is all about. It’s about bringing back age-old formulas and delivering them to the modern mother, who seeks the trusted old ways of caring for a child


MSDS (ManavSachdevDesignStudio) crafted a brand strategy that wishes every baby to enjoy the benefits of a forest, where Ayurveda was born and where natural, organic nourishing solutions reside. The brand starts the journey of little ones on a note of loving, gentle, robust care which is a mother’s responsibility. Baby forest products ensure this by choosing and blending natural ingredients, in the footsteps of our Indian Vedic ancestors, following the recipes carefully scribbled into the great books. The brand also visions apparel, toys and other baby products to be added in their journey.


Baby Forest packaging identity puts the infinite power and magic of Ayurveda with pure luxury in the hands of a doting mother. The kind of wholesome care that only a mother can provide, Illustrating various gestures of love, bond and care a mother and child connect with. The packaging uses a pastel colour pallet that is soothing and reflects a soft approach to the brand’s personality. The logo idenity as Imagined a delicate little baby, born and raised in the lap of Mother Nature – ever watchful, ever caring. Baby Forest represents the grand old ayurvedic tree where natural, organic nourishing solutions reside for a baby. The cradle represents the protective lap that provides a baby with the loving care and deep nourishment it needs. Wherever it moves the Ayurveda follows.