Warszawa, Polska

Candly&Co, based in Warsaw and operating worldwide, produces and sells home fragrances such as candles, diffusers, and scented tags.

We redesigned the overall visual and applications, including packaging for all the products, reflecting the brand’s core values such as elegance, boldness, and newness. The main line consists of 8 fragrance notes, each of them assigned to one color. Core brand and packaging elements are gradients (symbolizing the diffusion of scents) and logos: the main typographic logo (Candly&Co) and graphical submark (Candly) based on shapes such as circle, half-moon, and waves, which subsequently turns into geometrical patterns visible on the sides of product boxes. One of the brand expressions – wavy text – follows the form of those patterns and shapes. The company’s flagship products are statement candles with motivational or funny sentences. The main challenge was to keep those products but to give them an elegant, consistent feeling and find a way to display them all together with the new luxurious candles line.

Candly&Co was awarded the Glamour magazine’s award – Glammies “Product of the Year 2022” award.