CarabaoXGaoPengSheJi | Green upgrade energy strike


Carabao is a functional drink from Thailand, since its establishment in 2002, its products have been sold well in dozens of countries and regions around the world. It is the only listed functional drink in Thailand and is also the sponsor of the English League Carabao Cup.

However, its functional beverage attributes have not been known to the public since it entered the Chinese market. While optimizing and upgrading its main visual logo in this design, the “lightning” with great functional energy cognition is used as the visual symbol on the front and back of PET bottled product packaging.

Presented in the container shape that takes into account ergonomics and filling process requirements. Among them, the front “lightning” is transparent and visible, The instant the beverage is consumed is the moment of lightning charging. At the same time, the lightning graphics on the back are strengthened and extended with a series of illustrations.
Assist in brand recognition and product sales.