JIPESA La fuerza de la naturaleza


JIPESA is a brand of Iberian ham from an extensive herd of Iberian pigs, which are raised and fattened freely in the meadows of the northern mountains of the province of Córdoba.

Jipesa protects the environment of the pasture, where a microbiodiversity of its own fauna and flora develops, which coexist with the Iberian pig. It carries out its activity maintaining an activity for man that is sustainable with the environment, with actions to repopulate holm oaks, solar panels that generate clean energy and now designing and producing a new line of packaging where as many supports as possible are 100% recycled cardboard and recyclable.

All this is summed up in the communication with its branding “The Force of Nature” that is exhibited in its new packaging design where the illustrations highlight the importance of the environment and the value of the natural in a product of proximity and km 0.