The design concept is based on the ancient traditions of Asia. It is well known that the ideal of beauty in Asia was pale skin. In China and Japan, to achieve the perfect tone, a thick layer of flour powder was applied, the same one that is used in cooking. Since then, the traditions have changed but Kabuki flour is inspired by the beautiful of Asia.

Kabuki packaging includes: rice, soy, corn and wheat flour. The craft pack is eco-friendly and the shape continues the illustrations of traditional prints, turning into a hairstyle. When opening the package, the hair literally unravels. As an indicator of the type of flour, traditional hairpins act, in which it is displayed what the flour is made of.

The name of the flour is in honor of the famous Kabuki theater, where a thick layer of flour was also used as makeup. And the logo sign takes its shape from the traditional forehead mark in asian makeup.


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