Molany is a brand of the NORBOND Group. While providing high-quality products, Murandi also encourages everyone to explore bravely and enjoy a healthy and beautiful life. Murandi’s brand mission is to raise people’s awareness of the safety and health of sexual intimacy. Promote innovation, continuously develop safe and reliable products, and encourage people to continue to pursue beautiful sexual intimacy. And it is committed to promoting the steady development of the sexual health industry and the prevention and treatment of AIDS, which has promoted the prevention and control of AIDS in my country and the health education of adolescents’ sex and personality.

Molany 是 NORBOND 集团旗下品牌。慕兰迪在提供优质产品的同时,也鼓励大家勇敢探索,享受健康美好的生活。Murandi的品牌使命是提升人们对两性亲密关系的安全与健康意识。推动创新,不断开发安全可靠的产品,鼓励人们不断追求美好的性亲密。并致力于推动性健康产业的稳步发展和艾滋病防治工作,促进了我国艾滋病防治工作和青少年性与人格的健康教育。  


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