KISS branding

KISS Branding, Studio 2, 46 The Calls, Leeds, LS2 7EY
Encouraging daily mindful moments

The Challenge 

The studio was given three words; mindfulness, male and body care to use as a foundation to create a conceptual brand.

The shower, a firmly established daily ritual, a time to pause, reflect, and decompress while washing perfectly combines mental health and hygiene together into a single daily activity. Taking this activity as context the studio focused on creating a set of shower gels for the occasion.


Men’s mental health is a challenging area. Many struggles to engage purposefully in behaviours that take the edge of life. So the question was, how can we introduce mindfulness quickly for men? Our answer was to utilise existing hard-rooted routines, like the daily shower. The shower is the perfect time to have a moment to yourself, a guilt-free time where you can focus on yourself. We wanted to create an all-natural range of body washes that emphasise, celebrate and encourage moments of mindfulness every day from form to scent.

We’re not all made from stone

KISS Solution 

The Menhir (standing stone) was the ideal symbol that signifies the isolation and stoicism of many men’s attitude to mental well-being and becomes a reminder that we don’t have to resist all the time – it’s okay to take the time for ourselves and not always be tough as stones.

For the bottles, we took the Menhirs themselves as inspiration for the structure. The shapes, although man-made are weathered and touched by nature making for elegant and intriguing forms that will stand with pride on any shower room shelf. The forms could equally make beautiful bars of soap for a more eco-friendly option.

For body and mind

The scents and ingredients for the range are inspired by relaxing and indulgent natural sources, a range of 5 to suit different moods, making sure that every shower is a daily invitation to pause and reflect.

Natural textures and tones from rock formations inspired the bottle colours and imagery, supporting the grounding nature of the brand. At the same time, a mono Typeform evoked the edges of the Menhir but translated well on the pack and website.

The photography style is intimate and moody capturing moments of decompression like the tough exterior is melting away with the water and soap.


KISS branding

KISS Branding, Studio 2, 46 The Calls, Leeds, LS2 7EY