A bedding is an object that shares the beginning and end of our daily lives.

Hour Minute Seconds worked on a renewal design under the concept of “Memories of the Moment” to convey a deep lingering impression at the beginning and end of our day through O,Revoir bedding.


The concept of producing and operating products through the lingering imagery of everyday life is the unique identity of O,Revoir.

Hour Minute Seconds utilized the cloudy effect to visualize the lingering effects of the experience.


O,Revoir’s application design evolves O,Revoir’s mood that can convey the warm and sensuous.

Hour Minute Seconds designed O,Revoir’s business cards and shipping/return guides, as well as labels and box packages used in bedding.


Client: O,Revoir

Agency: Hour Minute Seconds

Design : Kwangmyung Lim, Hyeonmo Kim, Euisung Hwang

Photography: Kwangmyung Lim