Corso Cadore, 46, 10153 Torino TO, Italia

The new brand of natural cosmetics Beltàbios is presented on the large-scale distribution market, thanks to an essential but extremely engaging graphic image from a visual and emotional point of view, the synthesis of naturalness and beauty: beltà = beauty, bios = life.

A new line of products with attention to layout and graphics and specifically designed for the target involving the aesthetic taste and the critical sense of the consumer.

Natural and elegant graphic elements merge to find their expression in a refined design able to standardize the various references in an immediately recognizable image on the shelf.

Packaging as a communication tool.

What should the packaging of a natural organic cosmetic say?

Safety, effectiveness and delicacy. Starting from this premise, a distinctive product image was created, a balance of spaces, colors and information, capable of standing out on the shelf, involving the observer and informing him about the properties of the product.

The photographic enlargements immediately communicate the naturalness and fragrance of the specific reference and the use of the texture of a dove-coloured leaf gives the structure a more precious and aesthetic aspect.

The information on the back and sides of the packaging does not have a random order but is organized along a well-defined path that guides and informs the consumer to get to know the company’s products and values. All products are Icea Cosmesi Naturale certified, dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, Vegan, subjected to the Nickel test and Made in Italy!