Corso Cadore, 46, 10153 Torino TO, Italia


The objective of the brand identity project was to build around the new brand a design capable of enriching it, making it unique and desirable for the market and the consumer. The new line of scented and organic vegetable soaps is born. The brand’s value proposition is to offer its customers authentic products with formulations based on ingredients of natural origin.

The Brand

We have created a simple and carefree product brand that is also attentive to sustainability. Nature is present in the name of the brand and in the “Via della Natura” logo and narrates, through a bicycle ride, flowers, perfumes and the concept of nature which takes the form not only in a return to the past, but also in a lifestyle with values basics and simple pleasures. The call to childhood and the bicycle ride that makes us children again was also strong.

Packaging Design

The soap packaging tells the story of a flowery meadow, of the richness of natural ingredients, of intense and varied fragrances. We wanted the product to stand out on the shelf with its original design. Usually soap bars, due to their small size, go unnoticed next to lotions and shower gels. The packaging design created is a great example of the perfect combination of watercolors and graphics. The illustrations of the fragrances are hand-drawn and colored with brightly colored watercolor spots, they are declined on each single package of the line and segment the different fragrances. The combination of the two illustrative styles gives the packaging that artistic touch that creates the consumer’s desire to buy it. The most romantic and elegant typography balances the artistic and flowery background. The background texture used for the packaging is made to resemble old parchment paper and also give it a vintage look.