Picaia is a fair trade, inclusive, creative brand looking for exposure in the whole world of our most creative handcraftmen and women from Ecuador. Being true to their origins, each box will be unique and limited edition.

When you open a Picaia box, you unbox the most delicious handcrafts in your house. Picaia is dedicated to finding the most talented artisans from Ecuador and bringing to you Ecuador’s greatest treasures: handmade goods.

Picaia is a brand of creations of origin that distributes original collectible handicrafts in limited editions made by hand with ancient techniques; introducing new stories; integrating fair trade, blockchain and storytelling; developing a new economy for more artisans from Ecuador to compete in a global market with creative and cultural responsibility.

Ecuadorian artisans for decades have faced serious problems such as discrimination, poverty, low economic remuneration, little social recognition, and commercialization of products.

In Ecuador, crafts are identity and heritage, it is the work of more than 300,000 artisans, but their lack of innovation and competitiveness is erasing the trace of our culture.

The Thirdlings are a population of creators and artisans who populated the territory now known as Ecuador. These are the first vestiges found near the commune of Valdivia in the province of Santa Elena facing the Pacific Ocean.

The Watcher, a figure from the Thirdlings collection, is theirst figure known to wear a mask. There is a debate among historians of the Tercerícola culture, since the mask would seem to be that of a pelican, a sacred animal for the fishing villages, but others see a toucan, which would lead one to think that Amazonian Thirdlings existed.


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