xolve branding

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Brides was perceived as a high-end brand providing top-notch gowns and dedicated customer service. Yet to distinguish itself from the bridal gown market, Brides needs to go beyond the functional value and emphasize the emotional value.

xolve picks up and maps out a variety of traits that enhance the brand image as well as reflect the top-tier insights. Elegance and luxury remain unchanged attributes since they are embedded in the brand. Authenticity and confidence, which are the characteristics of women in modern times, are added up to give Brides the edge.

Set in a modern serif typeface, Bigilla brings together sinuous, curving letterforms and tailored typography that shows the beauty of elegance. The customized “letter B” alludes to the infinity symbol, indicating eternal love and self–empowerment. Rotating “letter B” reveals a Masquerade mask, which signifies authority, mystery, charm, and inside beauty.

As an enchanting contrast, golden yellow and deep tale create harmonious visuals and draw a luxurious impression. The petals of flowers as the key visual signify marriage, a beautiful journey with many stories waiting to be discovered. While the delicacy of blooms highlighted on the dim background reflects a sense of feminism.

All brand applications adopt the monogram to increase brand awareness and brand recognition on both online and offline platforms.