Araguaia is a brand of craft beers belonging to a bar and restaurant from Pará, with the same name, with branches opened in several regions of the state of Pará: Parauapebas, Marabá, Belém and São Paulo. The bar has its own line of beers and invited me to develop illustrations for its labels inspired by landscapes that are part of the brand’s history.

For each beer, a space served as inspiration:

  • The coast of Marabá and its landscape inspired the IPA Araguaia Dreaming, reminiscent of Californian beaches;
  • Serra das Andorinhas inspired the American Blond Ale of the same name, as well as the presence of the Guerrilheiros do Araguaia, very important for the history of the region;
  • The Ver-o-Peso market inspired Pilsen, as it is a more traditional drink in the region and is an area with the most historic bars in the city of Belém;
  • And, finally, Serra Gaúcha inspired Chope de Vinho, with its starry sky, historic buildings and the wineries where the grapes used in the drink are extracted.

The visual language of the project was inspired by two central themes: the tropicality of the Amazonian forests and rivers expressed in the inspiration of the vernacular letters widely used on boats, regionally called “Abridores de Letras”; and in the culture of the 80s inspired by the song Californa Dreaming by the North American group The Mamas & the Papas, which are a strong inspiration for the creators of the brand in the construction of the light tone expressed in the landscapes of the illustrations.

The project had two fundamental stages: the creation of the composition and design of the visual language of the cans, using the typography that would compose the personality of the drinks, inspired by the identity of the bar itself; and the creation of the illustrations that should fit the frame shapes or fill the entire can, in their digital painting styles using a smoky brush with a diffusion effect to create the unique, classic tropical tone of the packaging.