Vantablack Studio

Mendoza, Capital, Mendoza, Argentina

Cavro is a specialty coffee brand that focuses on providing a unique and exceptional coffee experience. The main focus of this brand is the quality of the coffee and the consumer experience, bringing different and exotic varieties of beans. Its objective is to bring specialty coffee to the world of crossfit and the signature cafeteria in different bars and restaurants.

To achieve this, we have worked on the development of a branding and packaging project that represents the essence of the brand and highlights the quality and flavor of the coffee. Cavro’s visual identity, naming and branding is based on the legends of the Kaldi goats, a story that tells of the discovery and exploration of this welcoming hell of coffee flavors and aromas.

The color palette is made up of powerful shades, evoking the origins and different varieties of grains. In addition, we have created a set of illustrations that represent the central character of the brand, the revelation goat of the Kaldi legend, which gives the brand a powerful, energetic and recognizable personality.

Regarding the packaging, we have designed a system of hermetic pouches with security strips that preserve the quality and freshness of the coffee. Each coffee bag contains detailed information about the coffee variety, its origin and flavor notes, allowing the consumer to know and appreciate the coffee they are buying.

In short, Cavro’s branding and packaging project aims to reflect the quality and experience of specialty coffee. We have worked on creating a coherent and memorable visual identity, as well as a packaging system that highlights the freshness and quality of the coffee. With this project, we expect Cavro to become a leading brand in the specialty coffee market and a preferred choice for consumers looking for a unique and exceptional experience.