Huqiao Winery·Flower Brew is a special product of Hubei Hongliangye Wine Co., Ltd. Produced in Jingzhou City, a famous historical and cultural city in China, it is brewed with high-quality red sorghum, fresh roses, and Yangtze River water from the Jianghan Plain, taking advantage of the unique natural environment on the banks of the Hudu River, and carefully brewed using unique traditional techniques without adding any food additives. The aroma of the wine is elegant and the fragrance of flowers is refreshing. After drinking, there is a pleasant fragrance of roses when you exhale, sobering up quickly without hangover.

The registered trademark of Huqiao brand Hongliangye is one of the first batch of time-honored brands in Jingzhou, and the traditional brewing technique of Hongliangye has been included in the Jingzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage List.