Widakk Design

Novi Sad, Serbia

“Two Masters” is a collaborative project by Widakk Design Studio and Amitt Chippa, CGI artist.

“Jester’s Laughter” is an imaginary brand created with the purpose of exploring new design ideas.

Widakk Design:

It is nice to have complete freedom over the creative direction and to take the design to unexplored areas of creativity. Widakk Design Studio was responsible for giving the name to this brand and working on the complete label design.

The name was chosen based on a few criteria: it’s mysterious (why is the jester laughing?); it’s visually appealing; it has a good length; and it’s a mouthful, try to say it out loud!

The idea is to work on a series of various designs for all kinds of products, but always with the same name: ‘Jester’s Laughter’. To take the whole idea one step further, the company behind a product will always have the same brand – “Two Masters”. In this case, the product is whiskey and the company is naturally a distillery.

Amit Chippa:

The idea for this design stemmed from a question I asked myself…” Would you want to treasure the bottle long after you have relished the spirit it once held, like a trophy?”

My answer was this design!

Although it is meant to be a concept design, I wanted to stay within the boundaries of moulding and manufacturing. The dimensions were set after I reviewed various bottles. Furthermore, I wanted to highlight the design of the wooden stopper which many a time left as a default. I designed an embossed metal ring on the sides and a medallion on top to give it its own identity.

The design of the whiskey glasses was an added touch. The notches on the base of the glasses compliment the shoulder design of the bottle.