Nuuti Brand Identity


Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Brand identity and Packaging design for Nuuti. 

Last year @ammascotas contacted me to create a brand new identity for their healthy dog-cat treats. The product is made with a natural blend of vegetables and proteins, however, the brand identity focused more on a vibrant, fun and tasty territory, where the pet-human relationship took an important role in the brand’s voice.

I designed a symbol called “Lazo” (ribbon) which represents the entwined connection we have with our pets. For the word mark, I decided to use robust and strong typography to give a fierce and fun personality to the main logo.

I’m a big fan of dynamic visual identities, so I created 2 symbol variations for Dog and Cat to be used in both packages with different color palettes, so the customer could quickly differentiate one from another.