Studio 1 Level 3/35 Buckingham St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

Australia’s Own is a brand that has been around since 1995, initially catering to those who were non-dairy and lactose intolerant. Originally the brand could only be found in health food stores, as Australian’s were mostly buying it as a medicine because of health issues, rather than an enjoyable everyday beverage. As time continued and the products started to become more understood, Australia’s Own became well-known around Australia as the “go to” brand for a plant-based alternative to dairy milk.

When working through the workshop with the Australia’s Own team, there were 3 words that kept coming up ‘Natural – Aussie – Joy’. The essence of the brand was born! This feeling would be at the heart of everything the brand touched …. whether it was packaging, social content, or advertising campaigns…everything. We used this to check that “the whole shebang” was on brand – always having an emotional connection.

The brand encapsulates that feeling of the cheeky Aussie humour, the silliness and playful nature that Australians are known for. Then tapped into the Naturalness, that comes from the land down under, blend it all together and you create JOY!

Organic Plant Milks and the Speciality Plant milks all were created with Australiana greenery that incorporated the ingredients as well as the iconic Australian birds. When working through the illustrations we wanted to have different elements that would pop out across all of them to help make them feel unique from one another. Whilst with the Barista a more contemporary and minimalistic approach was done with a simple line drawing illustrations around the coffee cup allowing the occasion to truly hero on the packaging. The same hero centre was consistent across all but executed to match their target market. The brand was unique so why couldn’t the packaging be!

Social & Merch:
From the launch, Australia’s Own Instagram account had a major facelift from the boring natural colours of before to many bright green, blue and yellow colours combined through their feed. The inspiration comes from the new packaging to ensure consistency across all touch points. Through this it created Aussie Joy through their Instagram, resulting in higher engagement from Instagram users
The second phase of the socials was to launch a competition to win merch. All the merch was designed by Jam&Co to bring the assets once again to life with humour and the naturalness of the brand.

OOH campaign:
On this journey it was clear that consumers were resonating with the cheekiness that Australians are known for. So why couldn’t their OOH campaign do the same? With this thought the campaign of ‘Crushed nuts never felt so good’ came to life!

With the campaign, Jam&Co’s goal was to bring the distinctive assets to life with a bold and cheeky campaign that consumers would have “a little giggle with”, using humour which aligned with everything we had created previously.

A bold campaign with the modern and confident twist, Australia’s Own green, cheeky strapline, and tasty looking packaging to match! All the elements worked in synergy which led to an amazing digital campaign where Australians could engage with.



Studio 1 Level 3/35 Buckingham St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
Australia’s Own