Our longstanding partnership with the Avin Saffron brand spans over three years, during which we have gained a deep understanding of their unique packaging needs as well as those of their discerning customers. Our expertise in this area is exemplified by the stunning designs showcased in our “Saffron Avin Packaging Design” portfolio.

Leveraging this wealth of experience, we have created a design that boasts two rather distinct sides of our packaging – one featuring a minimal look and the other adorned with exquisite Iranian calligraphy and character design. This dual-sided approach allows the packaging to serve as a luxurious gift pack fitting perfectly for saffron weighing between 150 to 300 grams, suitable for both export and domestic markets.

To ensure that the final product exudes an air of sophistication and elegance, we used a range of printing techniques including glossy finishes, embossing, and gold foil services. These techniques not only enhance the product’s appearance but also convey a sense of luxury to potential customers.

In capturing images of this product for marketing purposes, we were meticulous in our attention to detail. Our goal was to accurately represent all aspects of the packaging without altering colors or exaggerating reality. The result is a visually stunning product that truly captures the essence of Avin Saffron’s brand identity.



Co-Photographer: Karno
Avin Saffron Company