DailyNuts pure love nuts is a set of creative, full of personality, strong island style in a nut snack brand. The perfect combination of “5+2” and the overall richness of the taste layers, the different nuts collide to create a wonderfully intertwined taste that is simply wonderful. A flexible and consistent packaging system was designed for DailyNuts Pure Love Nuts.

The packaging uses a vibrant color palette and bold, modern, and clear visual language to highlight the brand message and key selling points. The eye-catching layered typography simplifies the customer’s interaction with the product, making it possible to identify the product message as well as the brand at first glance. It also differentiates itself from other branded packaging in the market, making it easy to communicate and gain enough attention in a display environment. We wanted the user to feel the relaxed and pleasant nature when tasting DailyNuts Pure Love Nuts from this design.

Branding & Packaging – DailyNuts纯情坚果​​​​​​​DailyNuts纯情坚果是集创意、充满个性、浓浓海岛风情于一身的坚果零食品牌。“5+2”完美结合,整体口感层次丰富,不同的坚果碰撞出奇妙交织的口感,简直妙不可言。为DailyNuts纯情坚果设计了一个灵活且一致的包装系统。包装采用了鲜艳的色调和大胆、现代、清晰的视觉语言来突出品牌信息和关键卖点。通过醒目的分层排版,简化客户与产品的互动,使之第一眼就能辨别出产品的信息以及品牌。同时与市场上的其他品牌包装有所区别,在展示环境中容易沟通并获得足够的关注。我们希望用户从这个设计中,在品尝DailyNuts纯情坚果的时候能够感受到轻松怡然的自然气息。