Everly is a disruptive sustainable brand with an approachable culture for savvy consumers with a witty tone of voice for them to feel part of a community through the use of kind products made with clean ingredients.

Disruptive Sustainable Brand

Everly is on a mission to disrupt the traditional candle industry as it stands. Who said candles have to be single-use? Not us.

As a sustainable brand at our core, we seek to help our consumers indulge in their candle obsession and feel good while doing so through our all-new no waste subscription model.


At Everly, we want to be a friendly and approachable brand where our consumers are comfortable coming to us for information, queries, support, and more – every step of their candle obsession journey.

There is no candle question too silly for us to help with!


The new wave of progressive and eco-conscious consumers has arrived at Everly!

Our consumers are savvy, modern, and conscientious women (whether in the workplace or at home), who are increasingly making purchasing decisions based on not only their well-being but also that of the environment around them.


At Everly, we know our audience inside and out. And there’s no better way to show that than with relatable jokes and humour. Just like a casual conversation between close friends.

In today’s fast-paced and cluttered marketing landscape, we want to break through with humour to build a deeper and more human bond with our consumers.

Part of A Community

Everyone wants to feel that they are doing their part in the bigger scheme of things.

That’s why with the Everly community, we hope to build a group of like-minded individuals who are excited to be a part of this movement to revolutionize the candle industry – one refill at a time.

Kind Products Made with Clean Ingredients

At Everly, we are all about kind products – kind for you, kind for the environment, kind for future generations to come.

Thanks to our deliberate choice of clean ingredients, now our consumers can enjoy their candles as usual but sans the guilt.