FLOV Branding studio.

Tęczowa 83, 53-601 Wrocław, Polska

Wild nature and captivating landscapes. 250 bee colonies. Each corner is more beautiful than the previous one, and on the top of the hill, there is a mead manufacture that does not disturb the perfect harmony of the surroundings.

It’s Zuli.

Our task was to create a product design for two meads – Alveus and Sturnus.

The first one is a powerful, unsaturated honey wine based on pure heather honey. The second is a unique mead based on a special selection of honey where water has been replaced with juice pressed from ripe cherries.

About Zuli’s previous projects inspired by altars, we have created graphics that rightly evoke associations with stained glass windows. The main character of the narrative is a bee personified in medieval style, telling the story of the meadery on subsequent labels. Streamlined shapes, sealing referring to beeswax, golden decorations, or refinements made on craft paper with 3D varnish leave no doubt that we are dealing with a unique product.

Branding and packaging design: FLOV®
Art direction: Grzegorz Chorostecki
Illustration: Joanna Jaskólska, Grzegorz Łesiuk

Printed on Fasson® Cotton Extra White by Avery Dennison
Print: Eticod (Poland)
Photography: Lukas Mazurkiewicz


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