House Of Whispers – Playing Cards

Widakk Design

Novi Sad, Serbia


The creation of House of Whispers began 3 years ago with the inspiration of magic and mystery within the minds of Marvelous Decks, Widakk Design & Dalibass Design, known as the Invisible Ink Collective.

The theme features of the idea of the House of Whispers which holds the secrets of the ‘Owl Master’ that have been locked behind the golden gates of this manor for centuries. It is said that ‘Truthful Words are Spoken in a Gentle Whisper.’  These words hold steady and strong within these hallowed halls of cathedral ceilings, velvet drapes, marble columns and stained glass windows.

The House of Whispers is an imaginative mansion where each room features the textures, themes and ambiance that bring to life magical secrets that only are heard with a gentle whisper…just like the flight of an owl in the dark woods.  The House of Whispers & The Great Hall are the introductions to this series of decks.  More rooms will be opened by Marvelous as the years pass…adding the luxury rooms of this house to your collection.