Boxer & Co

1 Addison Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia

Sydney-based design consultancy Boxer & Co. were tasked with creating a new brand and packaging design for a premium Australian pet food product, to house a wholesome and nutritious product portfolio, full of high quality, real ingredients.

Our goal was to create a brand that was approachable and friendly while also communicating the quality and premium nature of the product.

The centrepiece of the brand is a wordmark, crafted from lowercase letterforms with playful movement throughout. The wagging tail on the letter ‘y’ embraces the ‘o’ in a playful and charming way, while the tittle above the ‘j’ changes and adapts across different product ranges.

Having spent time observing the in-store environment, we noticed the top of the packaging was often obscured by shelves or by the bag crumpling, so we strategically positioned the wordmark towards the base, making it impossible to miss. Its three-letter simplicity allows it to be dialled right up in size to create a truly memorable brand.

To achieve further stand-out in the sea of white and black packs, we selected green as the key colour, to imbue our brand with nature and freshness.

The overall design is sleek, modern, and simple, without any clutter so the real-food photography adorning the pack could stand up and be counted.

The brand strikes a balance between sophistication and fun, giving the design a premium yet relaxed vibe. The result is a brand and packaging that will make you stop and take note, whether you’re in store or browsing online.


Boxer & Co

1 Addison Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia
Creative Lead: Tim Meredith
Client Service Lead: Gwen Blake
Joy Pet Food