Pepsi brand new logo and visual identity system

Derrick Lin


It’s finally here: Pepsi has unveiled its brand new logo and visual identity system – the first major update of the iconic Pepsi globe logo in 14 years!

Pepsi has unveiled a fresh new logo and visual identity system to celebrate its 125th anniversary. This is the first major change in logo design since 2006, with the new look emphasizing their unapologetic and enjoyable qualities. The iconic globe logo will be updated across all physical and digital touchpoints such as packaging, fountain and cooler equipment, fleet, fashion, and dining. Pepsi is also committed to its PepsiCo Positive sustainable packaging targets and will transition all 20oz bottles of Pepsi, including Pepsi Zero Sugar to 100% recycled PET by 2022.

The bold typeface, signature pulse, and updated color palette, including the use of black, set the tone for this evolution in brand identity. It pays homage to Pepsi’s rich heritage while taking a big step forward into the future.

After 33 years since its original introduction, the red, white, and blue globe is making a comeback with a modern twist. Not only does the Pepsi wordmark appear bigger and bolder than ever before, but it also feels more natural nestled inside the sphere of the classic design.

While the globe remains recognizably true to the original 1987-1997 look, the new Pepsi logo incorporates a subtle refresh that gives it an unmistakably contemporary feel. The classic combination of red, white, and blue remains the same, but some details have been improved, such as deeper blues and brighter whites that make the globe pop against any background. Furthermore, the size of the logo has nearly doubled, making it impossible to miss.

Pepsi has been synonymous with boldness, creativity, and a culture-leading status since it’s first release in 1898. Throughout its impressive history, Pepsi has continued to push boundaries by remixing the Super Bowl Halftime Show, creating iconic commercials featuring famous musicians and actors, and rolling out product innovation that keeps fans coming back for more. From Pepsi Challenge to Nitro Pepsi, Pepsi x Peeps, Pepsi for SodaStream, and improved Pepsi Zero Sugar tastes, Pepsi is always looking for ways to give fans an unmatched experience in the zero-sugar category.

At the heart of it all, Pepsi remains committed to encouraging moments of unapologetic enjoyment and giving fans the opportunity to choose more. The revitalized design makes Pepsi even more flexible; it transitions easily between physical and digital realms, allowing for more seamless collaborations with partners and retailers, as well as making it easier for Pepsi to engage with fans in any setting.

The new Pepsi logo and visual identity will debut this fall in North America, followed by a global rollout in 2024.