Popadelics. Brand creation.

The first bite is almost a spiritual experience, nothing you would expect from a mushroom chip…or any better-for-you snack, for that matter. With a revolutionary cooking method and intense flavor combinations, the taste and texture of these crunchy mushrooms is something to be enjoyed by all. So how do you take what could be seen as a product for the select few and turn everyone (even mushroom doubters) on to it?

Following mainstream snacking cues, Popadelics, a fun-to-say name with a trippy vibe, perfectly captures the product and the experience. Setting the tone for a far-out sensory experience, the design strategy features popping color, zoomed-up product imagery and a heroed brandmark. Unique flavor naming and narrative amplify the brand personality. Fitting in with the Frito Lays of the world but distinctive in its own right, Popadelics is positioned to bring mushrooms to the masses—one crunchy little flavor trip at a time.

Carried in 270+ retailers, including in Urban Outfitters nationwide in the first 6 months.


Creative Director: David Edmundson
Art Director: Lisa Neal
Copywriter: Vanessa Doll
Designer: Amber Paine
Photography: Carina Giacomelli
Photography: Ali Redmond