Tonex Wooden Phone Stand


Iblo Furniture Production and Zarif Graphic have enjoyed a successful collaboration from the very beginning. Tonex’s unique design and functionality can be attributed to the careful and thoughtful input of both Iblo Furniture Production and Zarif Graphic. Unlike most mobile phone accessories, Tonex’s packaging design did not feature photography but instead focused on the product’s primary image. Iblo Furniture Production and Zarif Graphic worked together to create a packaging design that would reflect Tonex’s unique features and the brand’s elegant style.

Zarif Graphic took the lead in designing a packaging that would communicate the product’s essence and appeal to the brand’s target audience. The resulting packaging design features fluid, wave-like patterns that capture the product’s wooden material and the soundwaves that amplify music from the user’s device. The design is chic, minimalist, and polished, which perfectly embodies Iblo’s style.

The packaging is a prime example of how Zarif Graphic designed it to resonate with Iblo’s brand and products. The design aesthetic is sleek, simple, and sophisticated, which blends seamlessly with Iblo Furniture Production’s existing product line’s look and feel.

In conclusion, Iblo Furniture Production and Zarif Graphic’s partnership exemplifies how unity can generate creative and practical solutions. Through their collaboration, they have successfully designed a unique and innovative product, Tonex, and its packaging, showcasing the best of their skills and expertise.