Corso Cadore, 46, 10153 Torino TO, Italia


The line of natural cosmetics products with organic body, face and hair ingredients was created for girls and young women who are attentive to self-care and natural well-being, who share values of ecological sensitivity and conscious consumption without giving up the more instinctive and exuberant part of own personality.

The Brand

A sparkling, cheerful, sunny graphic style. The BolleBio brand loves colours, light and energy. The identity is designed for a woman who trusts the quality and respect of the skin, focusing on the immediate sensation of well-being.

A naming that evokes lightness, joie de vivre, sparkle:

  • BOLLE = freedom, energy, vitality
  • BIO = naturalness, safety, respect for the skin, ecology

Packaging Design

The packaging has an engaging emotional impact, made dynamic by the fluid and handwritten stroke of the logo, framed in a circular shield, and by the full range of colors representing the various essences.

The ingredients are presented in photography, with a narrow cut that enhances the details, contributing to a hyper-realistic effect.

References to nature and organic are distributed in the packaging in a balanced and constant way.

On the sides of the packaging, the technical contents are arranged on the right and the more emotional and engaging ones on the left: in fact, the verses of a poem celebrating beauty and nature are printed on each package.