With summer just around the corner, we’ve captured the natural fruity flavors of coffee and combined them with a vibrant and playful visual style to introduce a series of coffee projects exclusively for the summer season. By giving fruits a personality and showcasing their juicy, sweet flavors and irresistible appeal through visuals, our textured pouches have become a tantalizing element that adds a visually exciting touch to the taste experience.

In the “FRUITY COFFEE Coll.” project, our goal was to portray fruit imagery in a more intuitive way. That’s why we chose to use “fruit pouches” as the packaging material, creating a cohesive storytelling experience. Taking inspiration from the catchy slogans you’d often find at fruit stands and crates, we hope that our packaging design evokes memories of everyday life.

In Asian gifting culture, exquisite and high-quality fruit gift boxes have always been the go-to choice for presenting gifts. By showcasing the deliciousness, rarity, and sophisticated packaging of the fruits, we show our respect for the recipients. In this project, we aimed to strike a balance between popular culture and premium gift boxes through layout, paper selection, and printing techniques. Whether customers stop by for a coffee, grab a bag of beans, or want to gift a box to someone special, the “Fruity Coffee” project caters to their desire for stylish packaging.