HELL ENERGY Renewal Concept


I redesigned the basic visual concept of one of the most popular energy drink brands.✨⚡️

HELL ENERGY reborn under my hands, at least I hope it has taken its first steps

HELL ENERGY is one of the fastest-growing FMCG brands in the world, as proven by its explosive export expansion and growing global popularity.​​​​​​​
My concept’s goal was to achieve an imperceptible but still significant change in the image of the brand. The aim was to make a cool branding with the same feel and look with a much more positive brand message.

The most important keywords were:

  • recharge
  • strong
  • force
  • dynamism
  • classic
  • youth
  • positive
  • after-life
  • energy

This was necessary in order to provide a positive brand message and conceptual system to a previously negative and ugly brand look. I did all this in such a way that the main markers of the former packaging remained recognizable to those who know and love this brand.