Naked Juice Smoothie

Corvin Art School

Budapest, Hungary

In my project, I rebranded Naked Juice’s smoothie brand and made a new packaging design.

The primary aim of my project is to show consistency, with the harmony of all packaging design, the product, and the brand logo. As the smoothie made from 100% fruit, evokes nature, complemented by the organic design and paper packaging. I also opted to use paper to protect it from light, prevent perishability and for recyclability.

My secondary goal was to elevate the product to a higher category by recreating an existing brand and creating unique packaging to go with it. During the design process, I tried to focus not only on innovation but also on functionality. The handy packaging is easy to lift off the shelf, and the curved shapes save every last drop. With the colours, I aimed for a youthful and energetic vibe, and with the shapes, for uniqueness and attention. Moreover, when two products are placed side by side in the right way, the friendly heart shape is also shown by the way the patterns fit together.


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