Communicating the future of haircare: SalonLab&Me


Falmouth, UK

Communicating the future of haircare for Schwarzkopf Professional

SalonLab&Me is Schwarzkopf Professional’s new hyper-personalised haircare range, where salon expertise meets intelligent technology. We need to verbally and visually communicate this transformative haircare experience to both the salon trade and the end-consumer.

The Concept
To showcase a new era of personalised haircare, creating a sophisticated hair journey and communication style that bridges lifestyle and technology, at home and in the salon.

The Impact
SalonLab&Me is launching in high-end salons, revolutionising personalised haircare.

Positive Change
We’ve made a complex proposition simple for trade and end consumers, supporting a circular journey that minimises waste, and benefits clients and hairdressers.

SalonLab’s state-of-the-art hair scanner allows hairdressers to personalise hair care and then transfer the knowledge and power to the end consumer with super personalised hair products and routines. The name SalonLab was closely tied in with the scanner technology, so we needed to define what this new haircare journey and product identity was. And so, the SalonLab&Me brand was born.

We worked closely with the SalonLab and Schwartzkopf Professional teams and stakeholders to build a comms concept and strategy that told the hyper-personalised, technology-led proposition in a clear way across all touch points –  from identity, copy, packaging and photography direction, to trade ads, app assets and salon POS.

Our choices around type, colour and layout have all been carefully curated for a style that bridges premium, lifestyle-led haircare with innovative technology and salon expertise. Sophie Cowles, Client Director

Curator’s Insight: The design communicates the brand’s proposition clearly and effectively across various touch points, such as packaging, trade ads, app assets and salon POS. The design also creates a consistent and coherent brand experience that connects the salon and home haircare journey. The design appeals to both the trade and end consumers who are looking for a premium, personalised and professional haircare service and product.

The design demonstrates a high level of creativity, strategy and execution. The ability to convey a complex proposition in a simple and elegant way, as well as for its alignment with the brand’s vision and values.


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