Bodegas Delgado commissioned us to do a restyling of the label design, which provides a plus of quality with the packaging of this wine. That it faithfully represents the properties of this Vermouth, reflecting natural values, with a renewed spirit in the presentation of this product.


The label of the Red Vermouth from Bodegas Delgado wants, from the beginning, to make clear its natural origin. The aromas provided by the maceration of botanicals, such as absinthe and sagebrush, among other plants, and aging in American oak barrels give character to its Pedro Ximénez grape wine base. The original floral illustration made specifically for this label shows the flowering spring of the plants that produce these flavor notes in the composition of the vermouth. It hugs and wraps the label design on a burgundy base as a reminder of the design color.

For this label, we have thought of providing an aesthetic value based on natural and floral elements, and therefore, we have believed that it was best to recall the aesthetics of the “Modernist” or “Art nouveau” style.

From the beginning of the development of the label design, we take into account what may be the special finishes that can fit into the project. In this case, we agreed with the client that the vegetable illustration would stand out from the label with an elegant heat stamping, with warm gold and not too much shine, in this way, we reinforce the idea of quality and bring it closer to the elegant vintage look what we were looking for. We have also wanted to provide a touch of shine with a UV varnish, this generates a lifting effect by not being superimposed on the illustrated flowers and plants, but on what would be their back, generating another layer in the design, details that denote that this It is a different Vermouth.



Art Director: Javier Merino
Creative Director: José María Martínez
Bodegas delgado