Corso Cadore, 46, 10153 Torino TO, Italia

A line of organic cosmetics for body and hair care produced for large-scale distribution, captivating from the very first glance. A bold cosmetic line in which the vivacity of colors and graphic lines blend harmoniously in a fresh and contemporary whole. The goal was to improve the brand’s memorability through a graphic synthesis and a clear and legible structure.

The protagonists of the packaging are the illustration of the fragrance and the product name: both create a distinctive, strong and recognizable motif that transfers the idea of a perfumed thought to treat yourself or give as a gift.

The packaging design reflects the right mix of clarity and effectiveness of the message:

  • The cleanliness of an essential layout meets a simple but dynamic structure
  • Information is clear, legible and memorable
  • The diversification of the extensions takes place through colors and visuals reduced to an iconic element

The layout is designed to be easily declined in infinite versions for future reference without losing recognition.