Wilco Icelandic Beer Cans / Ægir Brugghús


Client: Wilco
Design Studio: ZOCA
Creative Director: Jose Garcia (ZOCA)
Art Directors: Jose Garcia (ZOCA), Crystal Myers (Wilco), Dima Lytvynov (Archicgi), Anton Shylenko (Archicgi), Maryna Hordiei (Archicgi)
Designer: Jose Garcia (ZOCA)
Photographer: Charles Harris (Wilco / Band Photographer)
Production Company: Ægir Brugghús / Wilco

About this project: In a collaboration between Wilco and Ægir Brugghús, a project was undertaken to enhance the experience of patrons attending Wilco’s Icelandic residency. As part of this initiative, my studio, ZOCA, played a key role in designing various elements, including limited edition beer labels, a concert poster, t-shirt design, and supporting graphics to promote Wilco’s shows at Reykjavik’s renowned Harpa Concert Hall. The label design incorporated a topographic wireframe that beautifully represents the vast and rugged natural landscape of Iceland. Additionally, the art direction for the 3D photography aimed to complement Iceland’s volcanic, dark, and captivating natural environment. This comprehensive design approach aimed to capture the essence of the residency and create a visually stunning and cohesive experience for attendees.

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Creative Director / ZOCA: Jose Garcia
Art Director / ZOCA: Jose Garcia
Art Director / Wilco: Crystal Myers
Art Director / Archicgi: Dima Lytvynov
Art Director / Archicgi: Anton Shylenko
Art Director / Archicgi: Maryna Hordiei
Band Photographer: Charles Harris